Dilution Probe Controller

The Reliable & long-term operation of any Process Analyzer depends upon the efficiency of the sample conditioning system for which dust, solid particulate & moisture-free sample gas is essential. Where condensate removal from the sample is a major problem for analyses of gas, the Condensate Catch Port is the best solution.

CCP1 is equipped efficiently, to catch the condensation from the kinetic or Condensate separator or filter drain or wherever it is necessary to collect the condensation. The condensation-free sample gas is a must for ensuring the security of the Analyzer. The folded construction of the
CCP1 & compatibility of the designed components like end cap (top & bottom) and transparent acrylic body materials ensure ease of mounting & trouble-free maintenance. This also acts as a volume chamber.


  • Calibration gas solenoid valves with manual/remote control
  • Highly accurate, low maintenance, and easy to operate
  • Quick and Easy Integration with all types of Dilution Probe
  • 19” Rack-mount
  • Pressure and vacuum gauges for monitoring
  • Precision pressure regulator for dilution air control
  • Flow meters for sample and calibration gas
  • Uncontaminated Material of all the components
  • Customizable with other features to meet specific requirements

Mounting : 19” Rack mount
Weight : 15 kg Approx.
Enclosure Material : MS CRCA with Powder coating
Dimensions : 482 x 265 x 600 mm
Operating Temperature : 10 - 40 °C


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