Dilution Probe (DP-1)

The AXIS Dilution Probe unit is used in analytical technology for processes in which the measuring method or the handling of the process gas or stack gas requires dilution of the measuring gas.

The Dilution probe is helpful to measure the sample from the process or stack. It has four different functions to prepare the sample coming from the stack, so it can be measured precisely by the analyzer.

The dilution probe uses an air-driven aspirator that extracts samples from the stack or process. After extraction, the sample passes through the coarse filter, fine filter, and orifice which is made from glass or metal and is finally diluted with the air from the aspirator. This aspiratory process now reduced the dew point of the sample to near the ambient temperature. It prepares the sample for measurement. It can be transported sample up to 90 feet away without heating.


  • Low cost- Installation, operation and Maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • A low flow rate gives longer filter life
  •  Used in the high-temperature sample line
  • Used in Hazardous Environments
  • No requirement for heated
  • A sample line Sample pump is not required if the distance is less than 90 meters
Mounting : Threaded / Flange mounting
Body Material : SS-316


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