EMC Shield Clamps for Assembly with Rivets

Whenever a cable shielding is required with the possibility of grounding, EMC shield clamps can be used. Shield clamps are easy to use and eff ective in derivating conducted disturbances. Due to its special design, the clamping ranges of the MSKL are very large while the dimensions are comparatively small. (Example: MSKL 3-12, assembled with a 12 mm cable shield: width 26.25 mm).


Large clamping areas, therefore less product sizes needed to cover a large cable diameter range.

Space-saving design, even when fully assembled.

Partially with integrated strain relief.

Large cable shield contact area.

Large cable shield contact area. Easy assembly. The spring design requires no adjustments and will permanently maintain contact to the cable shield. Shock and vibration resistant, maintenance free.
Material: MSKL clamp, SK clamp


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