Ex-Zone Heater

Ex room heater have 1 cable gland in the standard variant! On request our ex room heater are manufactured with two cable glands and an additional terminal for the direct connection of a room thermostat.

Corrugated finned radiators are and remain the most economical solution for heat transfer with electric heaters. With the procedure of winding corrugated steel strips around various tube qualities, we achieve extremely large tube surfaces and respectively low surface temperatures. We use this combination to manufacture explosion-proof room heater on a high quality level.


  • Steel, highly heat-resistant, black lacquer
  • Zinc coated / black lacquer (high corrosion resistance; particularly suited for screening plants in sewage treatment plants)
  • Stainless steel
  • For the heating element of our heaters, we use exclusively ceramic sectional heating elements.
  • The heater is suitable for heating of quiet gas-/air mixtures in zone 1 areas.
  • As heating insert with mounting plate or flange.
  • Also heating unit for example with casing.
As per customer requirement.


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