Extended Cable Entry Frames KEL 16-E

The cable entry frame KEL 16-E off ers a larger frame size for routing a greater amount of cables, pipes or conduits.

The KEL16-E series are KEL 16 frames extended with an additional middle frame for routing additional cables. Thus allowing a quick, easy and cost eff ective routing solution for up to 48 cables. All frame systems come with a rubber gasket.


Maintain manufacturer’s warranty on pre-terminated cables.

Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be donevmuch more easily and quickly.

High cable density. Strain relief according to EN 62444. High stability, vibration resistant.
Material: Polyamide (PA)
Flame class : UL94-V0
IP Rating: IP54, with gasket and correct
Temperature range: - 40°C to + 140°C (static).


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