Filter- And Damping Resistors

For the majority of the CSN® Filter- and Damping Resistors the design is based on CSN® Resistor Webs. The resistor units provide operation at high continuous power, excellence voltage strength and low inductivity while needing only little space.

CSN® Filter Resistors are used in HVDC applications as well as in reactive power compensation applications (like SVC, MSCDN, STATCOM) all over the world and have proven their reliability – even under harsh environmental conditions – for long time periods.

CSN® Damping Resistors are most often used for building-up RC-circuits in industrial plants as well as for damping of magnetic cores and reactors.


  • Proven design for both, indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Excellent high voltage strength.
  • High specific load due to very good convection conditions.
  • Low inductance and capacity.
  • Long-term stability.
  • Low weight.
  • Nearly unlimited adaptability to specified applications.
As per Customer requirement.


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