Flange Heaters

Flanged immersion heaters are used in process engineering, cleaning technology, chemical industry, plastics industry, as well as in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding.

Flange heaters are particularly suitable for heating water, caustic solutions, heat transfer liquids, heavy oil, asphalt, turbine oil, and hydraulics oil.


  • Nominal output: up to 1000 kW Nominal width: DN 50 to DN 1000
  • Number of circuits: to be agreed upon Nominal pressure: PN 6 to PN 100
  • Operating temperature: Installation length: up to max. 3500 mm
  • Liquids: up to 520 °C Rated voltage: up to 1100 Volt 3~
  • Flanged immersion heaters basically consist of: Highly compacted CSN® tubular heating elements in diameters 8,5; 11,5 and 16 mm, blind flange, spacer plates or baffles, terminal enclosure, thermo-stats, temperature probes, terminal clamps, and cable glands.
Tubular heating elements:
  • The highly compacted CSN® tubular heating elements are produced according to DIN 44874, 44875, or in conformity to it. The CSN® Giso sealing ensures a permanent high insulation resistance of the tubular elements.
Output : 1000kW
Nominal width : DN 50 to DN 1000.
Nominal pressure : PN 6 to PN 100
Installation length : Up to max. 3500 mm


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