Flexible High Pressure Sample Tubing

This unique high pressure, non-diffusive sample gas tubing is outfitted with special connection fittings. Designed with an oring/ swage seal and requiring only finger tightening, the tubing and fittings are rated up to 6,500psig. It continues to provide a leak-tight seal even after thousands of connections without causing damage to the female portion of the compression fittings, generally attached to the expensive gas analyzers.


  • With conventional fittings, damage often occurs after just one reconnection simply due to the metal-to-metal swaging design, resulting in gas leaks.
  • Even very minute leaks can wreak havoc with low-level ppm oxygen measurements.
  • In addition, the plastic tubing is filled with a Kevlar fiber making it virtually non-diffusive and well suited for high-pressure applications.
  • This makes for a perfect choice when performing routine calibrations for most gas analyzers, especially trace oxygen.
  • Another plastic tubing such as Teflon, Tygon, Nylon, or Polyethylene diffuse oxygen generally in the range of 2ppm to 100ppm of oxygen per 15' lengths.
  • Available for all 1/4" swaged type compression fittings.
  • 6,500psig. rating


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