Circulation heaters are used in process engineering, cleaning technology, chemical industry, plastics industry, as well as in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding.

Heater vessel made of steel, boilerplate or stainless steel. The position and dimensions of the flanged inlet and outlet nozzles are adapted to the specific requirements. Seals are supplied according to requirements or customer’s specification.


  • Flanged immersion heater with terminal enclosure in steel or stainless steel containing terminal clamps as well as optional temperature control elements.
  • The cooling zone between the flange and the terminal enclosure is chosen in such a way that overheating of the components in the terminal enclosure is avoided.
  • The electrical protection class of the terminal enclosure with metric cable glands is IP 54. IP 65 is available on request.
  • On request, the heaters can be provided with the following options:
  • Mounting saddles, fixed or sliding
  • Mounting or suspension lugs
  • Thermal insulation
  • Optimization of the flow velocity through additional internals elements
  • Contactor or thyristor control
As per the datasheet.


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