High performance universal converter Z109REG2-1

Z109REG2-1 is an advanced universal converter able to manage all analog signals (mA, V, PT100, Pt1000, Pt500, Ni100, TCs, Ohm) and convert / isolate it into mA/V standard signals. The device can be configured through dip-switches, PC software, handheld device or via mobile app. A digital contact is available as ALARM or STROBE (multiplexing). A 3-way galvanic isolation among Power supply // input // output circuits assures the integrity of your datas.The module has a Micro USB connector on the front side and can be configured by software or specific App for Android devices setting: beginning and end scale, additional input types, square root extraction, filter, burn-out etc.


  • Power Supply Vac/dc.
  • Power supply, 2-wire technique.
  • Selectable input V, mA, Ohm, thermocouple (TC), thermoresistance (RTD).
  • Selectable output mA (active/ passive), .
  • Alarm relay output (spst) / strobe input to enable analog output.
  • Sampling frequency from 240 sps (@11bit+sign resolution) to 15 sps (@15 bit+sign resolution).
  • Isolation 1.500 Vac at 3-ways power supply / input / output.
  • Setting via DIP switches, software or APP.
  • Micro USB connector (front side).
  • UL Certification.

Power supply

: 10..40 Vdc; 19..28 Vac

Max consumption

: 2,5 W (max) - 1,6 W (24 Vdc, 20 mA)

Power transducers

: Active input @ 2 wires (min 20 Vdc)


: Micro USB

Response time

: 35 ms (11 bit)..140 ms (16 bit) 35


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