IIOT datalogger MySEAL

MYALARM SEAL is a datalogger that can meet the growing demands of data acquisition, analysis in real time and integration with IT systems existing in automation and system/process monitoring. In line with the new productivity and communication models of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, it is characterized by a GSM/GPRS modem, 4 Digital Inputs and 2 Analog Inputs, voice alarms/audio controls with DTMF tones and

the support of http post, MQTT, CloudBOX compatibility.

This unit supports different types of SIM cards and has an 8MB Flash memory, a slot for microSD expandable up to 32GB and multi-tasking real-time operating system. Like all SENECA advanced dataloggers, MYALARM SEAL is fitted also with a built-in UPS that allows an operating autonomy of up to 1 hour in case of lack of primary power supply.


  • Power Supply 6..15 Vdc
  • Backup battery up to 60 minutes
  • Built-in I/Os (4 DI, 2 AI)
  • Measurements, Alarms, Events,
  • Data logging on Micro SD card (Max 32 GB) or Flash memory
  • Math Functions
  • Programmable with SEAL environment
  • Available options: Relay board, GPS receiver
  • IoT Support: http post, MQTT, CloudBOX compatibility
  • Voice Alarm support
Power supply : 6-15 Vdc
Power consumption : Micro SD in bundle, slot Micro SD push-push for SD and SDHC card up to 32 GB
Operating Temperature : -20..+55°C (0..45°C suggested)
Isolation : 1500 Vac
Protection degree : IP20


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