Industrial Gateway / Protocol Converter M-BUS ↔ Modbus RTU/TCP-IP Z-Key-MBUS

Z-KEY-MBUS allows the conversion from M-Bus protocol (Meter Bus) to ModBUS RTU / ModBUS TCP-IP. It is a converter that can read, convert and transfer data up to 25 M-Bus instruments. It is available with Ethernet, RS485 and RS485 / RS232 interfaces, and equipped with a buil-in M-Bus port. The converter scans the network in search of Meter- Bus devices at the set speed, automatically downloads the configuration from the identified devices, automatically builds the ModBUS mapping, pointing the address and type of data.


  • Device register autonomous reading on M-Bus protocol
  • ModBUS RTU and TCP-IP protocols support
  • Nr. 1 Fast Ethernet port
  • Nr. 2 serial ports
  • Nr. 1 Micro USB port
  • Max 25 devices can be connected
  • Management of up to 500 M-Bus variables (tags)
  • Configuration via Web Server
  • Connected meters automatic detection

Power supply

: 11-40 Vdc; 19-28 Vac

Power consumption

: Typical 3 W @ 24Vac, Max 4 W


: 1500 Vac (power supply // other circuits)

Operating temperature

: -20 to+65°C


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