Industrial Gateway With VPN Support, Serial Device Server, Z-PASS2

Z-PASS2 is a multifunction device (industrial gateway / serial device server / Router 3G+/4G) with built-in I/O and GPS receiver, designed to manage up to a maximum of 32 clients.

The device has nr.1 digital input for security interlock of remote connection, nr.1 digital output for signaling of VPN running connection and nr.4 configurable digital channels.

Equipped with nr.2 Fast Ethernet ports (managed in Switch and LAN / WAN mode ), nr.3 serial ports and nr.1 USB host 2.0 port, ZPASS2 supports protocols such as ModBUSTCP Server, ModBUSRTU Master/ Slave, FTP/SFTP Server, HTTP/HTTPS Server, OpenVPN, SSL.


  • Industrial Gateway, Serial Device Server, Router 3G+/4G*
  • Supported protocols: ModBUS TCP Server, ModBUS RTU Master/Slave, FTP/SFTP Server, HTTP/HTTPS Server, OpenVPN, SLL
  • Nr.2 Fast Ethernet 10/100Tx ports on RJ45 connector
  • Nr.1 switchable RS232/RS485 serial port
  • Nr.1 porta USB host
  • Nr.1 worldwide pentaband 3G+ or 4G LTE modem with built-in GPS
  • Security interblock
  • Nr.6 built-in digital I/O channels
  • Remote assistance (P2P) and Telecontrol (Single LAN) connection modes with LET’S platform

Power supply

: 19-40 Vdc; 19-28 Vac

Power consumption

: Typical 4 W @ 24Vac, Max 6 W


: 1.500 Vac

Operating temperature

: -20 to+65°C


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