KEL-DPZ 6 Cable Entry Plates

KEL-DPZ 6 entry plates are designed to route and seal a high number of cables without connectors or fi ber optics (from 2.5 mm to 8 mm in diameter) in limited space. The size KEL-DPZ 6 matches exactly the cut-out dimensions of 6-pin standard industrial connectors.

The assembly of the KEL-DPZ 6 with cables or pneumatic hoses can be done quick and easy. Simply make a small hole in the thin membrane, push the cables through. The KEL-DPZ 6 provides strain relief and protection up to IP66. ST-B Plugs can be used for sealing pierced membranes if cables have been removed.


Fast and easy assembly.

High cable density.

Dual sealing acc. to IP65/IP66.

Dual sealing acc. to IP65/IP66. Automatic sealing and strain relief for the cable. Hygienic design.
Material: Frame: Stainless steel V2A Sealing plate: Elastomer
Flame class : UL94-V0
IP Rating: IP65/IP66 (certifi ed acc. to EN 60529)
Temperature range: - 40°C to + 100°C (static).