M-Bus Master / USB – Converter HD67024

The HD67020 and HD670021 are M-Bus / RS232 – Converter (transparent converter).

This series allow to read/write M-Bus Slaves devices by RS232, ensuring galvanic isolation between M-Bus and RS232.

HD67020 are Plug&Play devices and they allow to connect up to 10 M-Bus Slaves to RS232.

HD67021 are Configurable devices with Logic Inside and they allow to connect up to 250 M-Bus Slaves to RS232


Baud Rate and Parity changeable with software.

Mountable on 35mm Rail DIN;

Power Supply 15…21V AC or 18…35V DC;

Temperature range -40°C to 70°C.

Very easy to configure Microprocessor for queue data control Electrical isolation Industrial temperature range: -40°C / 70°C (-40°F / 158°F
HD67024-B2-20 support up to 20 M-Bus devices; HD67024-B2-40 support up to 40 M-Bus devices; HD67024-B2-80 support up to 80 M-Bus devices; HD67024-B2-160 support up to 160 M-Bus devices; HD67024-B2-250 support up to 250 M-Bus devices.


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