S2000 has a microprocessor with a serial gate, some analog and digital inputs and outputs.(see later features).

It has a resident software (it means non modify , it is possible only if you substitute EPROM), it can do a certain number of operations stored in an EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Read Only Memory). Executing operation type is fixed (chapter 3 describes them), while their number is function of EEPROM’s loading. Normally one instruction loads one byte while one number loads 4 byte; maximum bytes is 240.

Operations to do at first are written by a PC in a file, by text editor “EDIT” standard in MS-DOS, where it is possible to modify, store and call-up as a normal text file.


  • Transmission of analogue signals from process transducers to a computer via serial line.
  • Adder of two flow rate signals to control a metering pump, for example.
  • Any situation where it is necessary to perform a calculation or linearisation between the input quantities.
  • Integration and counting of calories/refrigeration units.
  • Pressure and temperature compensated flow rate measurements.
  • Calculation of input measurements and transmission of results on output signals.

Power consumption



500 g

Operating temp.

0° / +60 °C


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