Microprocessor Indicator S301

Microprocessor indicators programmable from keypad with ultrabright red LED 4 digit display.

This family of indicators, easy to use and program, displays directly in engineering units the signals provided by the process transducers, with display range from -1999 to 9999. The front panel with polycarbonate membrane is protected to IP41.


  • 4 figure with red LED display 14 mm in height, 4 LED for alarm indication
  • High wear resisting keyboard and optimal tactile sensation
  • Measure of mA, mV, V, Pt100, thermocouple, with inputs protected against overvoltage and over-currents
  • Internal resolution of 20000 points
  • Rejection to the network frequency in a differential way min 40 dB (50 Hz)
  • Input by contact with HOLD function
  • Polarity selection of the BURN-OUT function
  • Analogue output mA/V galvanic isolated with settable scale
  • Optional serial interface for remote monitoring and programming
  • Optional alarm outputs : 3 SPDT or 4 open-collar completely configurable relays (delays, hysteresis, alarm type, …)
  • Frontal with polycarbonate membrane and IP41 protection grade
  • Extractable terminal box for connecting and replacing
Power supply : 115 - 230 Vac +/-10% 50 / 60 Hz Power consumption : 4 VA Galvanic separation : S301-1 supply // input and supply // retransmitted output : 1500 Vac


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