The AMI model 2001RS is the ideal solution for measuring trace oxygen in a wide range of applications in a general-purpose environment. In a compact size, and at a low cost, it provides a comprehensive electronic package and sample system using AMI’s patented cell block technology. In addition, the 2001RS uses internal surface mount solenoid valves for sample/span gas selection and to seal off the sensor in the event of loss of power. Unlike competitive analyzers, AMI sensor replacement requires minimal downtime due to the front panel sensor access and the patented AMI cell block. The typical time from one-minute air exposure to 10ppm is under 15 minutes.


  • 10 user-selectable output ranges
  • 3 ½ digit LCD
  • 2 fully adjustable oxygen concentration alarms
  • Alarm hold off/Bypass
  • RFI protected
  • Fully programmable alarm delays
  • USB port for configuration and access to advanced features
  • Calibration history and sensor usage logging
  • Power brownout and power failure logging
Sensitivity : 0.5% of the full scale
Operating temperature : 41°F to 113°F
Humidity : < 85%, non-condensing
Overall dimensions : 9” w x 5” h x 7” d
Weight : 10 lbs


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