The MODEL 2010BX is AMI’s most advanced Trace Oxygen Analyzer. This neXt generation unit combines patented technologies and superior design to deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability while keeping costs low. The MODEL 2010BX is the #1 choice among engineers and measurement technicians.


  • The patented design removes leak-prone compression fittings by combining all of the critical sample handling components, including a flow meter, metering valve, 3-way gas control valve, sensor pocket, and pressure sensor, into one solid cross-drilled block.
  • The flow of efficient design results in up to 400% faster measurement response time.
  • AMI’s patented oxygen sensors deliver extremely fast response, high reliability, and long life.
  • Every sensor undergoes a battery of tests to guarantee that they meet our strict quality standards.
  • Our trace oxygen sensors resist up to 500 ppm of H2S, eliminating the need for a maintenance-intensive H2S scrubber.
Weight : 7.26 Kg
Mounting : Wall Mount or 2.0” Pipe
Gas Connections : ¼” 316 S.S. Compression fittings


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