The MODEL 3000RS Portable H2S Analyzer is the perfect choice for safely and accurately measuring ppm levels of H2S in the natural gas industry. Exclusive innovations and distinctive features are designed into a compact and rugged package. Our patented Cell Block and high-performance sensor produce a safe, fast, and reliable H2S measurement in harsh applications. All AMI portables are outfitted with a data logging feature that serves as a useful tool when spot-checking multiple sites per day.


  • Accurate & Cost-Effective Measurements
  • Truly portable and designed for the field
  • Spot-checking or unattended monitoring
Compact and Leak-Free Design -
  • This unique sample system approach virtually eliminates all potential leak paths while optimizing flow efficiencies. The sample system and sensor pocket are machined directly into a solid metallic block and interconnected with precision-drilled, intersecting gas passages – eliminating the need to use long lengths of tubing and leak-prone compression fittings. The uniquely engineered metering valve and flow meter are integrated directly into this compact block.
Low Range Sensor : Max Range 0 –200 ppm
High Range Sensor : Max Range 0 –2000 ppm
High Range Sensor : ±1% of range or ±0.2 ppm of H2S, whichever is greater
Approvals : CSA-approved for Class 1, Div. 1, Groups B, C, D hazardous areas


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