Nivotemp 61-0-WW

The entrance of water into fluid power or lubrication systems significantly reduces the life of oil and causes damage to other components used in the systems . The most reliable method of detecting water in oil is to measure the interface level between water and oil when the water is separated. This Nivotemp version is equipped with an additional float which rises in water but sinks in oil. The reservoir has to be equipped with a small cavity in the bottom and the contact tube of the Nivotemp reaches down to the lowest point of the cavity. When a volume of approx. 230 ml of free water accumulates in the cavity the float will rise and actuate a contact. The signal can either be used to open a drain valve, drain the water off, or just to set an alarm. An easily installed prefabricated sump is available as an accessory.


  • With water alarm function
  • Reliable physical measuring system
  • Easy installation

  • Independent of oil chemistry
  • Up to four adjustable level contacts
  • Cable connector standard

Operating pressure : Max. 1 bar
Operating temperature : Max. 80 °C
Density of fluid : Min. 0,8 kg/dm³
Float SK 610 for level control : Hard PU


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