Nivovent 71-0-Atex

The Nivovent 71-0-Atex features the integration of the breather filter with level controls (temperature control is an option). The interface between the tank top and Nivovent unit is standardized (to DIN 24557 part 2). These dimensions are widely used for the design of breather units and offer the opportunity of updating existing systems with new Nivovent technology. The breather filter elements are disposable.

The Nivovent 71-0-Atex can be equipped with a number of adjustable standardized level contacts having either temperature contacts or sensors. The total number of contacts is limited by the number of poles available in the electrical connector chosen. Please check the relevant tables overleaf for correct selection. The level contacts are bistable thus only one float is required and the contacts can be adjusted at any time without the need to remove the unit from the reservoir.


  • Atex – range of use: Zone 2 (Cat. 3G), intrinsically safe acc. to EN 60079-11.
  • Combination of breather filter, level and temperature controls.
  • Adjustable level contacts.
  • Bistable level contacts = only one float.

  • Disposable 3µm breather elements.
  • DIN flange.
  • Complete with connector.
  • Easy installation.
  • Maintenance-free (except filter element).

Operating pressure : Max. 1 bar
Operating temperature : Max. 80 °C
Float SK 601 : Hard Pu
Switch point : 50°C
Min. distance of contacts : 40 mm


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