Off-line Cooler BNK ATEX-2GD

Drives and hydraulic aggregates are also used in explosive areas in machine construction or raw material production. In hydraulic systems oil transfers power and motion, in drives, it’s a vital lubricant. Both as a power transfer medium and lubricant oil is heated by friction losses during operation. Oil/ air coolers stabilize the temperature and are indispensable for systems and drives for consistent power. The temperature further affects the aging behavior and the life of oils. BNK ATEX 2GD series coolers are suitable for use in zones 1 (gas) and 21 (dust) and temperature class 4. In addition to adequately protected drive motors, they have stainless steel fan housings.

To minimize the negative fluctuating oil flow has on the cooler design with varying ambient air temperatures, the BNK ATEX series features a built-in generator pump to circulate the oil.


  • ATEX area of application: up to zone 1 and zone 21 T4.
  • Easy to maintain design.
  • System-compatible cooling matrix / flow rate ratio.
  • Low noise emission.

  • Rugged cooling matrix.
  • High suction pump.
  • Compact installation dimensions.

Cooling battery: : Aluminium, RAL 7001, painted
ventilation box, safety guard and motor brackets: : Stainless steel 1.4401, unpainted
Fan hub: : Aluminium die casting
Motor housing: : Aluminium die casting
Motor flanges: : Grey cast iron


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