AXIS makes Peristaltic Pumps that are used for draining the condensate from the Sample gas cooler. Condensate discharge from the sample gas
cooler needs to be drained.

Peristaltic Pumps are the ideal solution for systems operating under negative pressure.

PP1 needs low maintenance as there are no valves, glands & seals therein. It becomes comparatively inexpensive to maintain.


  • Attractive appearance, Compact structure.
  • Ease of Maintenance.
  • Low Noise and Vibration.
  • Easy to operate and Economical Cost.
  • Accept many kinds of motors to Drive.
  • Supply Several Colors of appearance, ideal for supporting analytical instruments.
  • Best for Vacuum systems
  • Highly compatible Santoprene tube covering challenging acidic applications
  • Non-Siphoning & hence no backflow of Condensate
  • Fluid comes in contact with only the tube, so no cleaning is required
  • Easily replaceable tube
  • With Mounting Clamp
  • Economical

Mounting : Wall
Power Supply : 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption : 4.5W
Dimensions : 88 (H) x 74 (W) x 66 (D) mm
Tube : Santoprene


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