Pilot Operated Pressure Regulator (PPRV)

The PPRV pilot-operated is a downstream pressure regulator, pilot-controlled, for medium and high-pressure applications. Specially designed for natural gas transmission/ distribution systems and industrial/commercial applications. The Type PPRV provides smooth, quiet operation, tight shutoff, and long life, even in typical conditions.

The accuracy of the regulated pressure, the high rangeability ratio, together with the fast adaptation changes in the operating conditions, even in the presence of abrupt changes in the flow rate, make the regulator PPRV particularly suitable for use in gas supply installations of electric power generation stations.

The Design of the PPRV allows any installed units, to be updated or upgraded during the entire lifetime of the regulator as the operating requirements or any changes in the customer’s specifications are modified. PPRV is a top-entry design, this allows for ease and cost effective maintenance without dismantling the regulator body from the line.

The modular design allows a wide variety of configurations to suit the most demanding applications in gas transmission, gas supply to the industrial power plant, city gates, distribution utility systems, industrial installations, etc. The operation of the regulator PPRV is assured by a piloting system consisting, as a basic option, of two separate devices: the Pre-regulator and the Pilot


  • Self-operated using the inlet gas pressure energy
  • Fully balanced control valve
  • Extremely high rangeability
  • Suitable for high-pressure reduction applications
  • Available with an internal silencer
  • Designed for non-corrosive and filtered natural gas
  • Body specifically designed for high capacity
  • Low noise generation
  • Long Life
Max. Inlet pressure : UP to 102 bar
Ambient temperature : -40 °C to 60 °C


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