Our high-quality pump uses a unique diaphragm that diffuses less than 0.5ppm of oxygen while drawing from pressures as low as 14” Hg. It pushes the sample gas through the trace oxygen analyzer allowing the sensor to operate at atmospheric pressure. Electrochemical oxygen sensors must operate at or very close to atmospheric pressure for accurate operation. Prior sample pump technologies used various types of diaphragm materials, which either allowed too much oxygen to diffuse or alternatively developed small leaks allowing air to be drawn into the system. In either case, the measured oxygen values would become misleadingly high. The alternative – locating the pump downstream of the analyzer so that it could draw the sample gas through the analyzer – would cause the sensor to operate at varying levels of vacuum determined by the pressure at which the pipeline or application operates, causing erroneously low readings, drift, and sensor damage.


  • The hazardous area sample pump
  • Low diffusion diaphragm for trace O2 measurement
  • Suitable for Class 1 Division 2 Group CD
  • Withdraws sample from low pressure or vacuum gas lines
  • Works with AMI watchdog or 2010BR analyzers.
  • The hazardous area sample pump
Area Classification : Class 1, Div.2, Group C,D
Connections : ¼” SS compression fittings
Power : 12VDC @ 700ma
Pressure range : 14” Hg. to 10psig.
Dimensions : 9.5W x 11.0”H x 6.0D


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