The S203T module is a three-phase network analyzer for electric-line voltage up to 600Vac and electric-line current up to 100mA*CT ratio, tipically up to 100A (50 Hz or 60 Hz). The module has an analog output, electrical value directly proportional to the selected input: voltage-type output or current-type output. The electrical value (analog output) is available on screw terminals and the normalized value is available on RS485 registers.


It is possible to detect, with reference to the electrical-line and load connected to its: RMS voltage, RMS current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, cosF, frequency, energy (for each measure: phase A, phase B, phase C and three-phase values are available, except frequency).

Normalized start/end scale between 0..+10000 (for RMS voltage, RMS current, active power, apparent power) or between ± 10000 (for reactive power, cosF).

It is possible to reset the energy values. It is possible to manage connections with high power devices using current transformers. It is possible to connect the module using single-phase insertion, 3-wires insertion (three-phase without neutral) or 4-wires insertion (three-phase with neutral). Configuration of the module (node) address and baud-rate by Dip-Switches. It is possible to configure the electrical-line frequency, output (electrical value), single/three phase application, rescaled-input type, insertion-type and maximum current by Dip-Switches.
Power Supply : 10-40 Vdc, 19-28 Vac (50-60 Hz) Power consumption : 2,5 W Status indicator : Power supply, Fail, RS485 communication Display : Front LCD 2 lines x 16 characters alphanumeric (backlighted) Accuracy class  : 0,2% Insertion Type : 1- phase, 3-phase Aron, 3- phase with 4 wires


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