Models S203TA-D and S203RC-D are a complete three-phase energy analyzers with display, suited for use

with up to 600Vac voltage range (without a TV transformer), and max current equal to 5A (without a TA transformer) connected to the inputs. A double serial interface (USB or RS485) it’s also available (Modbus RTU protocol).

Analog and digital outputs can be connected to the electrical measure.


  • Energy values backup (FeRAM backup values without battery need).
  • Last screen page displayed backup (FeRAM backup without battery need).
  • Easy configurable by free configuration software or by display menu.
  • RS485 serial communication with MODBUS-RTU protocol, maximum 32 nodes.
  • USB serial communication with Modbus RTU protocol for registers access and configuration.
  • High precision: 0,2%class (S203TA-D).
  • Protection against ESD discharge up to 4 kV.
  • Measure input insulation: 4000 Vac towards all the other circuits.
  • Insulation between communication and power supply: 1500Vac.
  • Insulation between retransmitted output and power supply: 1500Vac.
  • Analog output signal settable in voltage or current.
  • Digital output pulse signal for Energy or Energy sign.
  • Possibility for connection and management by external CTs with 5A output.
  • Possibility for connection and management by external VTs.
  • All kind of insertion possible: single phase, Aron, 4-wires, 3-wires .
  • Possibility to compensate errors caused by frequency change in places where network frequency is not stable (frequency changes > 30 mHz).
  • USB Firmware update
  • Easy-wiring of power supply and serial bus by means of the bus housed in the DIN rail.
  • S203RC-D can be used with rogowski coil of various full scale
Power Supply : 10-40 Vdc, 19-28 Vac (50-60 Hz) Power consumption : 2,5 W Status indicator : Power supply, Fail, RS485 communication Display : Front LCD 2 lines x 16 characters alphanumeric (backlighted) Accuracy class  : 0,2% Insertion Type : 1- phase, 3-phase Aron, 3- phase with 4 wires


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