Pre-Conditioning Accessories

Protecting your Gas Analyzers from harsh pipeline contaminants is essential for a reliable, accurate, maintenance-free installation. Pipeline gas contains varying levels of hot compressor oil vapor, glycol, and water vapors that can condense within critical Gas Analyzers, causing errors or failure. Most competitive solutions require constant maintenance and draining drip pots, coalescing filters, or bypassing significant amounts of gas to drain contaminants. Intermittent slugs of liquid getting pushed through the pipeline also result in expensive Analyzer repairs. AMI’s DEMISTER and LRP combo solves these issues, for maintenance-free reliability.



  • The DEMISTER is a compact, vertically mounted device that attaches directly to the pipeline. As the hot sample gas passes through the DEMISTER, it is rapidly cooled, causing the compressor oil, glycol, and water vapors to condense, coalesce and drain back into the pipeline. This high level of protection for your Analyzers is achieved without the need for power, venting/bypassing gas, or periodic maintenance.
  • The LRP is designed to prevent liquid slugs from ever reaching your analyzer during a routine pigging operation or upset conditions. The LRP contains a unique membrane and stainless steel disk combination that block liquids and particulates from passing, allowing only gasses to reach your Analyzer. When liquid slugs occur the LRP automatically shuts off the gas until it passes. Once the liquid slug clears, liquid drains back into the pipeline and the LRP resumes gas flow to the Analyzer.
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