ProLine P 50000

Electric as well as diesel-electric locomotives and multiple units (EMU/ DEMU) require multifold monitoring and control of electric energy. Voltage and current sensors used for this purpose need to meet the special demands posed by railway operations. Of particular concern are are and smoke protection, electrical safety, as well as robustness towards extreme environmental conditions, mechanical stress and EMI infuences.


Overload-protected current mea- surement via shunt resistor from amps to kiloamps

Floating standard-signal output, switchable: 0/4 … (±) 20 mA, 0 … (±) 10 V,

Fire protection: HL3 according to EN 45545-2

Suited for use in substations for traction power supply: EN 50123-1

Protective covers protect against contact and pollution. IP rating: IP54 (input) and IP51 (output) Diagnostics contact for device status, MTBF up to 155 years Resistant against vibration and mechanical shock to EN 61373 (railway applications) Temperature class TX to EN 50155-1 (–40 ... +85 °C)
Fire protection : Outdoor applications up to HL3 Certifed by an independent test laboratory
MTBF : 155 / 131 years.
Output protection : Output terminals under protective cover IP51 acc. to EN 60529 Without protective covers
Weight: Approx. 780 g / 650 g


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