Rogowski Coils RC150

An air-cored toroidal winding is placed around the conductor, the magnetic field produced by the current induces in the coil a voltage proportional to the rate of change of current. Integrating this voltage the output become proportional to the current (as for a current transformer). Coil length variates from 25 to 300 cm for a cord diameter up to 8 mm.


  • The junction point is insensitive to both the position of the internal conductor and to currents carried by external conductors.
  • Coil and cable shielded against electromagnetic noise.
  • Limited access applications.
  • Non-Intrusive Current Measurement.
  • Very high current monitoring.
  • Harmonics and transients monitoring.
  • DC ripple measurement.
  • Power monitoring and control systems.
  • Measuring devices, lab instrumentation.
  • Welding machine control.

Coil lenght

: From voltage circuit

Coil diameter

1,5 VA - 1 W



Operating Temperature



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