Safe Area / Explosion proof HVAC

Is a mandatory requirement by the statutory body to use HVAC along with Shelters to make the Shelters installable for a given area classification.

The basic requirement for any HVAC is to perform according to a given parameter with trouble-free operations.

These are mainly remote locations or very challenging locations or experiencing extreme weather conditions.

AXIS brings you explosion-proof equipment to meet diverse and exacting demands which runs trouble-free 24 X 7 in the Oil & Gas Refinery and Petrochemical industry for conditioning of air.

Atex HVAC for Safe Application in Explosive and Hazardous Environments

Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd provides Atex HVAC products for safe and secure use in highly explosive and hazardous environments. We supply a range of ATEX-approved products. Ensure the safety of your employees in an explosive atmosphere by installing Atex HVAC. It is the most essential solution in your workplace.


  • High efficiency filters
  • Stainless steel drain pan
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Effective fresh and return air mixing
  • HVAC/VAC configurations
  • Insulated panels as per Requirement
  • Redundant blower and Unit option

  • Compressors carry their compliance certificate and are fully complying with IEC standards.
  • Refrigerants are CFC-free and fully comply with Montreal protocol requirements.
  • The equipment design is very user-friendly with full and easy service access to all components for regular servicing.
  • The unit’s unique design and component reliability ensures minimum servicing except for routine filter-condenser cleaning or general maintenance.
  • This can work within the harsh environment and high ambient of 55°C temps.
  • Unit design allows high moisture removal capacity to provide both sensible and latent heat reductions for temperature and humidity control.
  • Flameproof & weatherproof Ex d electrical enclosure.
  • Flame-proof electrical motors.
  • Adjustable dampers for air balancing and control.
  • Complete engineered HVAC solutions to suit your specific application including, air conditioning, heating, pressurization, barometric dampers, duct work, stack, grills, and filters with full integration/ adjustment control at the site.
  • Large element area ensures effective cleaning with less pressure drop
  • Proper alignment & accurate reseating after servicing.
  • SS material option ensures high reliability of the component

Refer Datasheet for more details


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