Sample Gas Coalescing Filter

The reliable and long-term operation of any process analyzer depends upon the efficiency of the sample conditioning system for which dust, Solid particulate, and moisture-free sample gas is essential.

Sample gas Coalescing Filter (SGCF1) is equipped with an efficient filter to filter out liquid aerosols and drain out the water droplets.

Any Liquid aerosols or droplets are caught within the fine inner layer eventually accumulating to the extent that they are forced to the outer layer of the filter element and drain out through the drain port

The folded construction of the filter and compatibility of the design filter components like filter top, filter element, and filter body is designed in such a way as to ensure easy mounting and trouble-free maintenance.


  • Used in analyzer gas conditioning
  • Wall mount
  • Condensate drain port
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Folded Construction
  • The filter element can be replaced without the help of any tool
  • High-quality filtration
  • Compatible with Hot & Acidic Gases

Mounting : Wall
Sample : Gas
Pressure : 300 Kg/cm2
Dimensions : 49.50 mm (Ø) x 137 mm (L)
Filter body : SS 316


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