Sample gas water cooler and gas scrubber

In addition to electric sample gas coolers, we also offer scrubbers and water coolers for specific applications. The following models describe some of the basic versions. Please contact us with your request; we will gladly provide you with a version for your specific application: Water Cooler 170 IST and 170 IST Titanium Sample gas is transported through a tube coil inside an outer shell water flows through. The condensate outlet is located at the bottom of the unit, along with a thermometer (not applicable to titanium version) which displays the gas outlet temperature. Model 170 IST Titanium is entirely made from titanium. Gas Scrubber 161 PVDF spec. Gas scrubbers utilise the direct contact between the flow of sample gas and water to remove undesirable components from the sample gas. The gas inlet is far below the water level. The purified gas is discharged at the gas scrubber head.


  • water connection for ease of use.
  • non-electric equipment.

  • water connection for ease of use.
  • non-electric equipment.

Technical Data

170 IST

170 IST Titanium

161 PVDF spec.

Device model:

Water cooler

 Water cooler

 Gas scrubber

Cooling medium:








Max. operating pressure:

25 bar

 15 bar

 2 bar


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