Screw-In Heater For Industrial Water Warming

For pressure reservoirs made of refined steel or enameled steel and anode screw-in type heaters, ERCTBi will be used. In this finish, the tubular heaters are mount galvanic isolated from gland G 1 1/2″. Thereby, the protection current is prevented by the tubular heaters and the cathodic corrosion protection of the container barrier remains.


  • Chalky water causes the heavy formation of boiler scale and thus an overheating of the heating element. In order to reduce this, we recommend:
  • Adjustment of the water temperature not higher than 60 °C.
  • Reduction of the heater capacity, if necessary, in order to effect a lower surface temperature.
  • Please select therefor our types with the code „R“.
  • If the CSN screw-in heaters are operated with a night current tariff (NCT), it is proposed, to consult the appropriate electric power supply company or a competent electrician. On request, A.C. heating elements with open circuits can be supplied for a local installation of the control equipment (1/3 +1/3 +1/3 + load).
  • The A.C. 3-phase heating elements are supplied with a free terminal of the neutral conductor and can be controlled by the locally installed equipment, too (unbalanced load).
As per requirement


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