SE 554 Memosens pH Sensor

High accuracy, stability, rapidness, and a long life cycle are achieved by the special design. Through 2 open junctions, the reference system is in direct contact with the measured medium. There is hardly any risk of contamination or blocking of the junction. The high content and special distribution of potassium chloride in the polymer reduces measurement disturbances which could be caused by liquid junction potentials.


  • Perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
  • No influence of humidity in the connector
  • Precalibration in the lab
  • Digital data transfer
  • Integrated sensor diagnostics
  • Low maintenance, no refilling of electrolyte
  • Integrated temperature detector
  • Open junctions, no blocking
pH : 0 … 14
Temperature : 0 … +130 °C
Pressure, relative : 0 … 10 bar
Temperature detector : NTC 30 kΩ
Sensor material : Alpha glass


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