SE 707 Memosens Oxygen Sensor

High resolution of low oxygen concentrations, simple and cost-efficient sensor calibration in ambient air. No calibration gases. High signal stability, also in the presence of high CO2 partial pressures. FDA-conforming material with an extremely smooth polished surface. Simple maintenance due to modular design. Sterilizable, autoclavable, and CIP capable. Also suitable for hazardous locations.


  • no influence of humidity in the connector
  • digital data transfer
  • integrated sensor diagnostics
  • high level of process safety
  • durable materials
  • robust design
  • easy to clean thanks to the extremely smooth surface
  • very simple calibration in the air without calibration gases
  • cost-efficient service due to easy-to-replace membrane module and interior body
  • hygienic design
  • very high resolution of 1 ppb in the trace range
  • low cross-sensitivity to CO2
  • the operation also in hazardous locations
Range : pO2 < 1200 mbar
Detection limit : 1 ppb (3 ppb in liquids containing CO2)
Accuracy : 1 % + 1 ppb (1 % + 3 ppb in liquids containing CO2)
Signal in ambient air : 290 ... 500 nA
Flow dependence : ≤ 5 %


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