The Z203-1 module is a single-phase electric-line analyzer for line voltage up to 500 Vac and line current up to 5A (35 Hz to 75 Hz). The module has an analogue output, electrical value directly proportional to selected input: voltage-type out or current-type out. The electrical value (output) is available on screw terminals and the normalized value is available on RS485 registers. A digital output is available, too, to generate a number of pulses depending on the energy increment.


It is possible to detect, with reference to the electric line and load connected to its: RMS voltage, RMS current, active power, reactive power, cos, frequency, energy.

A FeRAM allows to recovery the energy if a black-out occurs.

Energy counter: pulse digital output, reading on Modbus register.

It is possible to change electrical start/end scale by Dip-switch (see table 1, for each type of retransmitted output) or by Modbus registers (every value).

Normalized start/end scale between 0..+10000 (for RMS voltage, RMS current, active power), 350..750 (for frequency) or between 0..+10000 (for absolute values of reactive power, cos. isn’t possible to associate a normalized value to the energy quantity.

Possibility for connection and management by an external Current Transformer (only if Z203-1 is configurated by a configuration software). Configuration of the module (node) address and baud-rate by Dip-Switches. Configuration of the electrical-network nominal frequency, output type, retransmission scaling and retransmitted output by Dip-Switches. It is possible to add/remove the module to/from RS485-bus without disconnecting the communication or power supply. It is possible to switch automatically RS485 to RS232 or vice versa.
Accuracy : 0.5% of E.E.S. (Voltmeter, ampere-meter, watt-meter for active power, frequency-meter) Thermal stability : < 100 ppm/°K Protection : This module provides inputs protection against the ESD (up to 4kV) Voltage-type IN : E.S.S./E.E.S.(Electrical Start/End Scale) configurable between: 0..125 Vac; 0..250 Vac; 0..500 Vac. Input impedance: 600 k ANALOGUE OUTPUT Number :  1 Resolution :12 bits Isolation : 1500 Vpeak


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