Advanced data loggers MYALARM SEAL, Z-GPRS3, Z-LOGGER3, Z-UMTS, Z-LTE represent a solution that can respond to the increasing needs for data acquisition, real-time analysis and integration with IT systems in plant automation and monitoring, in compliance with the new productivity and communication models of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. Designed to perform remote alarm functions, remote metering and datalogging, these devices are available with built-in UPS, built-in I/O channels, programming and visualization software dedicated, serial and Ethernet communication support, MQTT protocol. They also perform 2G/3G+/4G modems with GNSS/GPS/GLONASS receiver. Optionally the data loggers can be combined with Cloud BOX, an IoT / Cloud solution proposed by SENECA that allows you to centralize data, manage remote connections, develope customizable multi-user supervision pages.


  • 500 Vac insulation between remaining circuit power
  • Quick installation on DIN 46277 guide
  • Status indication LED
  • NR 4 digital inputs (PNP/NPN programmable)
  • NR 2 16-bit voltage/current programmable analog inputs
  • NR 2 relay digital outputs
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45
  • NR 1 RS232 or RS485 port
  • Passthrough Modbus TCP-IP to Modbus RTU
  • Custom Webserver (Web pages in Sd card)
  • Protocol on RS485/RS232: Modbus RTU Master/Slave
  • Memory expansion up to 32 GigaBytes with micro SD
  • 32 bits ARM processor
  • Real Time multitasking operating system
  • Firmware update via USB / microSD/ Webserver or by remote connection


: 2G


: 8MB Flash + Micro SD max 32 GB

Built-in / Expandable I/O 

: 4DI, 2AI, 2DO ModBUS expandable


: Yes


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