Smart Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

THT series humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for environmental monitoring and control applications in industrial, commercial, and general buildings. These transmitters can be used for discharge, or return air control.

THT transmitter converts Temperature and humidity data into standard analog output 4-20mA (RS485 Modbus or WiFi / GSM over MQTT on request)

Delivering Precision with Our Temperature Humidity Transmitter

Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd is a trusted name in providing advanced industrial solutions. We take pride in our Temperature Humidity Transmitter, an essential tool for maintaining optimal environmental conditions. It accurately measures and transmits data on temperature and humidity, enabling businesses to monitor and control these crucial parameters effectively. Whether it’s in a laboratory, manufacturing facility, or storage warehouse, our Temperature Humidity Transmitter ensures your operations run smoothly. With its high precision, robust design, and easy integration, it’s no wonder Axis India is the go-to choice for Temperature Humidity Transmitters. Trust Axis India to provide the reliable, high-quality tools you need to maintain the perfect environment for your business.


  • 4-20mA for temperature & humidity
  • RS485 Modbus RTU / WiFi / GSM output on request
  • Excellent linearity
  • The good long-term stability
  • High reliability
  • Wide sensing range
  • Easy installation
  • Smart Controller can control any Thermo-regulated process (Heating or Cooling) with any applications locally or remotely
  • Can be programmed and adapted to any custom application
  • Smart Controller is IoT ready and can be connected via Wi-Fi to cloud services and remote controlled via MQTT standard protocol
  • Smart controller HW supports several temperature probe types and provides multiple control outputs and can be easily integrated with any system
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