Sterilizable pH sensor SE 555

The SE 555 pH sensor comes with a special pH glass with high impedance for high-temperature applications and a low alkali error. The sensor is CIPand SIP-capable. The silver ion trap prevents silver sulfide precipitation and junction fouling in media containing sulfides. This makes the sensor ideal for routine applications in food processing and biotechnology.


  • Gel electrolyte, pressurized
  • Ceramic junction
  • Silver ion trap
  • pH glass with high impedance for high-temperature applications, low alkali error
  • CIP/SIP-capable, safe sterilization with temperature monitoring
  • Integrated temperature detector
pH : 0 … 14
Temperature : 0 … +135 °C
Pressure, relative : -1 … 6 bar
Reference system : Ag/AgCl with silver ion trap
Electrolyte : Pre-pressurized gel electrolyte


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