Strain gauge converter Z-SG / Z-SG-L

Z-SG / Z-SG2 are strain gauge load cell converters. The measurement, carried out with 4 or 6-wire technique, is available via ModBUS RTU serial protocol or analog output. The communication is configurable via DIP-switch or via software by connecting to the device with the Micro USB port on the front panel.


  • ADC with 24bit resolution
  • 4 wires or 6 wires load cell measure mode
  • Compression and Traction or only compression load mode
  • NR 1 analog output configurable in Current or Voltage mode (only Z-SG model)
  • Load cell sensitivity configurable from +-1mV/V to +-64mV/V or virtually every sensitivity
  • Measure resolution configurable
  • RS232 and RS485 port with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Configurable Moving average filtering
  • Digital input for Tare acquisition (only Z-SG model)
  • General purpose Digital input or Digital output (only Z-SG-L model)
  • Digital output with one configurable weight threshold or “stable measure” condition
  • Modbus Station address and baud-rate configurable by Dip-Switches




50Hz or 60Hz

Supply voltage

10 – 40 Vdc or 19 – 28 Vac ( 50Hz - 60Hz)


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