Strain gauge input / CANopen module ZC-SG

The ZC-SG module allows to manage the load cell signals and to process the weight value, with two types of communication: CANopen protocol, ModBUS protocol (RS232 serial).


  • Sampling frequency settable from 12,53 Hz to 151,71 Hz.
  • 1500 VAC isolation amongst inputs, power supply and CAN interface.
  • Protection against ESD discharge up to 4 kV.
  • Adjustable rejection at 50 and 60Hz.
  • Strain gauge directly powered by the instrument.
  • Ratiometric measurement.
  • Simplified power supply and serial bus wiring by means of the bus housed in the DIN rail.
  • 1 to 64mV/V sensitivity, settable by software for real/integer values.
  • Load cell calibration with known weight
  • Load cell calibration is not necessary if the load cell sensibility is known.
  • Configurable digital I/O.
  • Stable weight indication via digital output / Modbus register / PDO
  • Remote writing of the tare in volatile and/or non volatile memory through digital input / CAN commands.
  • Led Indications: Power Supply, CAN communication, MODBUS-RTU communication, Inputs fault.
  • Alarm generated when programmable threshold is exceeded.
  • Measurement stabilization through a programmable number of samples, ±30000 points hysteresis activable.
Power supply : 10-40 Vdc / 19-28 Vac Power Consumption :  2 W Power Transducers : 5 Vdc , up to 4/8 load cells Isolation : 1.5 kVac (6 way) Input protection :  Against ESD discharge up to 4KV Response Time : < 7 ms A/D Resolution : 24 bit


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