Straton Remote Controller With Built-In I/O, *3g+/4g*, Modem, Ethernet Router, Gps Z-PASS2-S

Z-PASS2-S is a high performance multifunction controller including PLC, routing and remote access functions. The device is based on Straton softPLC with web server, VPN and 3G + or 4G LTE modem/route.

Equipped with nr.2 Fast Ethernet ports (managed in Switch mode and LAN / WAN), Nr. 1 RS232/RS485 port, Nr.2 RS485 ports and nr.1 USB host 2.0 port, Z-PASS2-S supports ModBUS TCP Server, ModBUS RTU Master/Slave, FTP/SFTP Server, HTTP/HTTPS Server, OpenVPN, SLL and – optionally – Energy Management protocols (IEC 60870-101, IEC 60870-104, IEC 61850). The controller has nr.1 digital input for remote secure security, nr.1 digital

output VPN signalling connection and nr.4 digital configurable channels. The device is progammable via Z-NET4 (SENECA system configuration environment) and web server. It includes a ARM9 processor, 1 GB Flash, 64 MB RAM and a Micro SD slot up to 32 GB. Integrated into LET’S platform for remote assistance and telecontrol, ZPASS2- S can support Point-To-Point or Single LAN connections.


  • Controller based on SoftPLC StratON IEC 61131.
  • Nr.2 Fast Ethernet ports 10/100 Tx on RJ45 front connector.
  • Nr.1 RS232/RS45 switchable port.
  • Nr.2 RS485 ports.
  • Nr.1 USB host port.
  • Nr.1 worldwide pentaband 3G+ or 4G LTE modem with built-in GPS.
  • Nr.6 built-in digital channels.
  • Supported protocols: ModBUS TCP Server, ModBUS RTU. Master/Slave, FTP/SFTP Server, HTTP/HTTPS Server, OpenVPN, SLL.
  • Optional Energy management protocols (IEC 60870-101, IEC 60870-104, IEC 61850).

Power supply

: 19..40 Vdc; 19..28 Vac

Power consumption

: Typical 4 W @ 24Vac, Max 6 W

Operating Temperature

: -20 °C..+65 °C


: 1500 Vac

Protection degree

: IP40


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