Temperature Sensor Thermolog MK2- / EK2 – Desina

The Thermolog MK2 / EK2 temperature sensor designed by Bühler Technologies is produced according to the Desina standard.Desina is a brand name of the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) and stands for a technically specified standardized installation concept on machine tools, which has decentralized structures. With the standard analog output of 4 – 20 mAfound nearly throughout the entire sector of temperature measuring technology, the Thermolog MK2/EK2 provides a continuous signal, which remains stable over long distances irrespective of the cable length. A Pt 100 is used as the sensor. The small and compact transmitter is located inside the hexagon head. The Thermolog MK2/EK2 measures the current temperature quickly and precisely and converts it into an analog signal 4 – 20 mA. This signal can be implemented in the system control unit in any number of threshold values. The modular design separates “wet” and “dry” components. This allows for working on the electronics even when installed below the liquid level without draining the fluid.


  • simple, robust design
  • small dimensions
  • electrical inner part easy to remove

  • M12 base connector
  • elastic sealing ring
  • Desina

Versions : MK2- and EK2-Desina
Temperature sensor : Pt 100, Class B DIN / IEC 751
Measuring range* : – 0 °C to +100 °C
Probe length L max. : 1000 mm
Operating voltage (UB) : 10 – 30 V DC


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