Universal input with pid controller Z-DAQ-PID

The Z-DAQ-PID module acquires one universal input signal (voltage, current, potentiometer, thermo-couple, thermo-resistance, m-voltmeter) and converts it to an analog format (with PID regulation).


  • Three operating mode: conversion with PID regulator, conversion without PID regulator, manual (constant output configurated through ModBUS register).
  • Two output types: analog or ON/OFF (time of high-state digital signal is directly proportional to the analog signal)
  • Universal input: voltage, current, potentiometer, thermocouple (TC), RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) , m-voltmeter.
  • Analog Output: voltage type, active current type, passive current type Slew-rate, burn-out, output limiters setup.
  • Modbus address and baudrate configurable by Dip-Switches.

Input Number



Configurable between: 0 (no filter is applied), from 1 (min) to 19 (max)

Response time 

Sampling time + 6 ms

Voltage-type IN

Scale range is configurable: from 0 V to 10 V. Input impedance:>5M


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