Universal water, gas, steam flow computer with 4,3’’ HMI Z-FLOWCOMPUTER

Z-FLOWCOMPUTER is a flow computer for gas, steam and water application.

The unit is equipped with nr. 4 PNP / NPN digital inputs, nr. 2 voltage / current analog inputs, nr. 1 universal analog input, nr. 2 relay digital outputs and nr. 1 analog voltage / current output.

Z-FLOWCOMPUTER is supplied with a 4,3” touch screen HMI which communicates via the RS485 port. The versatility of this controller, which is guaranteed by input signal different standards, allows applications

such as corrected flow or energy efficiency calculation for white certificates issue.


  • ModBUS RTU, ModBUS TCPIP supported protocols
  • HMI TFT touchscreen 4,3”
  • Nr. 10 built-in I/O channels
  • USB, Ethernet, RS232/ RS485 communication interfaces
  • EASY software gas / configuration for water / steam flow compensation
  • Calculation rules: IAPWS IF-97, AGA8 GROSS METHOD, AGA8- 92DC (ISO 12213-2), SGERG88 (ISO 12213-3), Redlich-Kwong (RK) and Redlich-Kwong- Soave (RKS) equations.
  •  EEC (Energy Efficiency Certificates) applications.

Power supply

: 11-40 Vdc; 19-28 Vac

Max. Power consumption

: Max 4 W


: 1500 Vac

Operating temperature

: -10 to+50 °C

Protection degree 

: IP20


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