VariTrans A 21000

Knick achieves a significant increase in reliability and lifetime by developing signal conditioners with extremely low power consumption and self-heating. This leads to a significant increase in the reliability and service life of the electronic components – for example, the MTBF (mean time between failures) of the new VariTrans A 21000 signal conditioners is 280 years. Thanks to the VariPower power supply for all common supply voltages from 24 to 110 V DC (± 25 %) and 110 to 230 V AC (± 10 %), the devices can be used internationally with virtually all supply voltages.


  • Broad-range power supply
  • Standards-compliant personal and plant protection
  • 3-port isolation
  • Ideal value for money
  • Easy configuration
  • Calibrated range selection
  • International use
  • 5-year warranty
  • Adjustable or fixed-range models
Ambient temperature : 0 to +55 °C
Design : Modular housing with screw terminals, 6.1 mm wide See dimension drawings for further measurements.
Mounting : For 35-mm DIN rail acc. to EN 60715
Weight : Approx. 50g


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