VariTrans P 27000

The broad-range power supply for all common supply voltages from 20 to 253 V AC/DC offers maximum flexibility. To make setting the required input and output range simple and user friendly, we offer a free software tool called VariSoft to support the user. VariSoft shows you the correct DIP switch position when you enter the required input and output ranges and it has an integrated print option for easy documentation.

A wide variety of measurement signals must be reliably galvanically isolated and converted into standardized signals. This applies to any input signals from ±20 mV to ±200 V and from ±0.1 mA to ±100 mA.


  • Flexible and extremely precise
  • Broad-range power supply
  • Compact design
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Specific test report
  • Maximum reliability
  • 5-year warranty
  • Protective separation
  • Maximum accuracy
Ambient temperature : -10 to +70 °C
Design : Modular housing, 12.5 mm wide, see dimension drawings for further measurements,
Mounting : For 35-mm DIN rail acc. to EN 60715
Weight : Approx. 150g


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