VariTrans P 29000

The measuring ranges of the VariTrans P 29000 are adjusted via DIP switches on the front side of the modular housing. The switch coding is printed on the housing. Calibrated switching is controlled by a microcontroller. This makes for very easy configuration requiring neither calibrators nor other measuring equipment. The user can select from up to 192 switchable calibrated ranges.

In addition to the active current or voltage output, a passive current output allows for connection to active PLC inputs. LEDs indicate proper functioning or possible fault conditions, such as exceeding the allowable load voltage at the output. The simple implementation of special measuring ranges supports solutions tailored to your application. An optional RangeLimit function lets you set lower and upper output limits on the transducers. The output can be inverted by the user. A connectable potentiometer enables zero-point adjustment of up to 5 % on the measuring section to compensate for sensor drift, for example. The VariTrans P 29000 itself requires no manual zero-point adjustment.


  • Universal usability
  • Protective separation
  • Test voltage
  • Excellent transmission properties
  • Optional sensor adjustment
  • Worldwide usability
  • No damage
  • Passive current output
  • Test jacks
  • Low-cost assembly
  • 5-year warranty
Ambient temperature : -25 to +70 °C
Design : Modular housing with screw terminals Housing width: 17.5 mm
Mounting : For 35-mm DIN rail acc. to EN 60715
Weight : Approx. 120g


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